PBS American Experience: Walt Disney Documentary

I haven’t watched the PBS American Experience: Walt Disney documentary yet, but it sounds like there are some inaccuracies and omissions that slant the view of Walt Disney.

Disney animator, writer, and consultant Floyd Norman weighs in:

They wanted a film document that would give us the whole man, warts and all. While this approach to a film biography is admirable, there is a danger of taking it too far. This, I feel is the fatal flaw in the Walt Disney documentary. Fearful of creating a Disneyfied Pollyanna narrative, the producers have made a film full of cynicism. Something that Walt Disney was definitely not.

Disney Imagineer Bob Gurr commented on Floyd’s post:

Walt Disney’s honesty and integrity survived the scenes of supposed historians whose real focus seemed to be their self-consumed interest in posing as actors on-camera rather than to just tell us true facts about how Walt was able to create such significant memories for the entire world. My 12 years with Walt Disney, like Floyd’s, contain much observation but little psychoanalysis.

Further, Bob suggests watching the documentary as a silent movie:

Here’s Dr. Gurr’s recommended method to watch the
documentary…As a Silent Movie. Just turn off the sound and revel in
the factual images and wonderful B/W footage of Walt and his family. A
super treat minus the bloviating opinions!

Quote me.

Bob Gurr

I may just have to take Bob’s advice when I finally get around to watching it!

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