Let Them Be Little

Mickey Mouse or Elmo is too babyish for four year olds?! I feel really sorry for the children of adults that think that way.

What Can They Eat?

This is a bit off topic for me, but I felt the need to write about it.  As I was dropping our four year old off to Pre K today we were waiting in the lobby to be let in. A few parents were talking about the valentine’s bags their kids received and complaining about some of the character on the cards. I over heard the one mother say “I can’t believe some parents let their kids pick out Elmo and Mickey Mouse Valentines cards. Those are for babies!”

Really? Since when can’t four year olds like Mickey Mouse or Elmo? Since when do other parents care what Valentines other kids picked? Our son picked Thomas and Friends on his own and I was fine with it! He was so excited to sit down Valentines night and read through all of the cards he received  and was excited to see Paw…

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