Camera Restricta

I love the idea behind this “camera”:

Conceived by German designer Philipp Schmitt, the “camera” is made from a 3D-printed shell that encloses a smartphone. An app uses GPS to track your location and calculate how many online photos have been geotagged within a 115-foot radius. If too many photos have already been taken there, Camera Restricta refuses to function. It only allows you to start photographing again once you’ve moved to a less-documented area.

Mental Floss: This Camera Refuses to Take Pictures of Over-Photographed Locations

Hipster Barbie

Jacob Souva: “Proudly made by hand on the computer”

The other day Jacob Souva posted Why I Gave Up Trying To Fool People With My Art, in which he describes how a tool’s “mistakes” can actually benefit the work’s best interests.

I’ve come to the slow realization that fighting against a tools “mistakes’ or trying to remove the tool from the work is not always in the illustrations best interests. Working without the perfection of “undo” has given the work some space for something greater to emerge.

I don’t need to fool people into thinking what I’m making is perfectly made computer art or conversely – a traditionally rendered image. It’s proudly made by hand on the computer.