An open letter to Brock Turner’s father

You need to read John Pavlovitz’s open letter to Brock Turner’s father in full. He responds to this horrible outcome much better than I could possibly:

I need you to understand something, and I say this as a father who dearly loves my son as much as you must love yours:

Brock is not the victim here.
His victim is the victim.
She is the wounded one.
He is the damager.

If his life has been “deeply altered” it is because he has horribly altered another human being; because he made a reprehensible choice to take advantage of someone for his own pleasure. This young woman will be dealing with this for far longer than the embarrassingly short six months your son is being penalized. She will endure the unthinkable trauma of his “20 minutes of action” for the duration of her lifetime, and the fact that you seem unaware of this fact is exactly why we have a problem.



Eleven-year-old Marley Dias sounds like just the sort of person we need more of in this world. She wants to read books with main characters she relates to, and wants to give others the same opportunity. Should we always read/watch stuff featuring those similar to us… of course not. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more of an opportunity to do so. Especially when the bulk of mainstream media is so overwhelmingly middle-class white.

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