Big Hero 6

Friday night we went to see Big Hero 6, Disney’s latest animated feature. I was moderately interested in this movie — the previews I had seen were intriguing, and we usually end up going to see most Disney animated movies in the theater, unless they look horrible.

Big Hero 6 was even better than I had imagined! It had great characters, a lot of laughs, and a lot of heart too. That is probably what surprised me the most about it. I was expecting a fun movie, which this certainly was. But the story and characters drew me in much more than I had anticipated. Baymax is definitely a great robotic character, even better than WALL-E and EVE.

I definitely recommend going to see Big Hero 6, and can’t wait until it is out on Blu-ray so I wan watch it again!

Credit: “Big Hero 6 (film) poster” by Disney Blogs