I don’t have any free time

I don’t have any free time. How does anybody? After work and family obligations, there is no time or energy left for anything else.

What a pathetic lie I tell myself. I certainly find time to browse Facebook/Twitter/etc. multiple times a day. But what great enjoyment do I get out of that? Not much. Nothing as satisfying as spending time learning something, creating something, or enveloping myself in a great book.

But yet I continue to take the path that usually only leads to more boredom and lack of fulfillment. I need to make some small changes to my everyday routine to try and break out of this.

The people you love aren’t interruptions

Jason Zimdars has a great article on why he works remotely (at Basecamp). He sums it up nicely:

The people you love aren’t interruptions, they’re the reason you work at all. Give ’em a hug.

I couldn’t agree more. Though there are numerous awesome benefits to working at Automattic, the most rewarding one by far is that I get to spend more time with my wife and daughter, sharing in more of the little everyday things that happen in their lives. And they get a me that isn’t burnt out after spending eight hours in a cubicle.

Must-Dos at 2015 New York State Fair

Yesterday my daughter and I made our annual trip to the Great New York State Fair. There are alway lot a cool things to do, but here are a few of the things that we enjoyed the most!

Horse Shows

We spent a few hours throughout the day in the Toyota Coliseum watching various horse shows. If anybody in your family loves horses, you should definitely plan to spent some time in there.

Hammi’s BBQ

For lunch we found Hammi’s BBQ and tried their Bacon Bomb sandwich, which they describe as:

Thick Cut Bacon with Italian Sausage, crumbled Bacon, Cheddar Cheese & BBQ Sauce, smoked over Cherry Wood, served on a Fresh Steak Roll.

It sounded good, and it tasted even better! At $10.50 for a platter that included some nice beans and coleslaw, we had a good sized meal to share between the two of us. In fact, we both liked it so much that we went back there at dinnertime and had the same exact thing!

It looks like Hammi’s BBQ may have used to have a restaurant in Syracuse but now do just catering and special events like the Fair. That’s too bad — I would love to try their BBQ again sometime!

Wurlitzer Theatre Organ

When we walked into the Art & Home Center, I saw a sign for a Wurlitzer theatre organ 90th birthday concert. I’m always interested in music and music history, so we decided to check it out. When we got in the Empire Theatre we saw that they were handing out birthday cake for the organ (the organ did not eat much) — that was a fun little surprise.

The short concert was cool and included a number of both older and modern songs (the show started with “Let It Go”). The organist interspersed the songs with information about the organ. Afterwards, he invited people to come in small groups and tour the actual organ behind the stage (what you see the organist perform is just the organ’s console — all the pips and other parts of the organ are hidden away behind the theatre). This was incredibly cool! It is not everyday that you get to take a close look at such an old and rare instrument.

I am not sure if they are doing organ tours any of the other days of the Fair, but there are a number of organists on the schedule for the Empire Theatre, so it would be worth checking out regardless!

Monarch Butterfly Garden

The monarch butterfly garden in the Horticulture Building is well worth the $1 per person fee. You get a a nectar stick (okay, so it is actually a Q-tip) to feed the butterflies. There are a so many of them flying around in the exhibit and it is cool to be able to see them up close feeding. They must have thought my hair was pretty sweet too, as one perched on my head for a good portion of my time in the exhibit.

Saranac Craft Sodas

Speaking of things worth $1, when we were in the Horticulture Building I saw that Saranac was there and had a sign up stating “$1 craft sodas” (or something to that effect). Since my daughter and I enjoy craft soda we stopped by to see what it was all about. Turns out that they were selling full bottles of their sodas for only $1 each. What a bargain! Definitely better than the $10 (with free refills) sodas that we passed on at some outdoor food booths.



Celebrating Daughter’s Day!

Tomorrow we celebrate Daughter’s Day in our family. We decided to create this holiday a few years ago after our daughter asked when her special day was, similar to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. I’m glad she was thinking about equality at such an early age!

I’ve since seen that there in fact exists other Daughter’s Days. Our holiday is somewhat similar in spirit to those, but we do not celebrate on the same day each year (those who know us will not find that as a surprise, as we also celebrate Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas on alternate days).

It’s a day for us to celebrate our daughter as an equal and integral part of our family! She gets to make all the plans for the day, just like we do on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

I encourage other families to create their own Daughter’s Day and Son’s Day. Personally, I think that each child should have their own day. So, if you have two daughters, there should be two separate Daughter’s Day holidays (much how in many families the mother and father have their own day for themselves; speaking of which, I would think that in a family with two moms or two dads, there should be two Mother’s Days or Father’s Days).

I Don’t Believe in a God…

I don’t believe in a God that would choose to let anybody die from a disease, especially a little child, because “he has more important plans for them”.

I don’t believe in a God that would choose to let anybody suffer, because “he only gives people what they can handle”.

I don’t believe in a God that would choose to save some people in an accident because “they were faithful”, and let others die because “they lacked faith”.