Betsy DeVos – Now where do I find the pencils?

Or, both?

One of Betsy DeVos’s first tweets on her first day as Secretary of Education was this gem:

Now, this tweet is either:

(1) An incredibly out-of-touch joke, or
(2) A calculated jab at public education

I think it is likely both.

It is well known that many public school teachers find themselves constantly having to fund supplies for their classrooms out of their own pockets. Such a ‘joke’ isn’t funny in that context, when delivered by someone outside that context.

It is the sort of pathetic characture of a teacher that you’d find on a cookie-cutter sitcom written by people unfamiliar with education. Or the sort of ‘joke’ an out-of-touch boss would make to their employees, either having never experienced the situations they are going through, or too far removed from those situations to truly empathize anymore.

When Jackie Robinson Confronted a Trump-Like Candidate

From The Atlantic:

“A new breed of Republicans has taken over the GOP,” Robinson wrote just after Goldwater claimed his party’s nomination. “It is a new breed which is seeking to sell to Americans a doctrine which is as old as mankind—the doctrine of racial division, the doctrine of racial prejudice, the doctrine of white supremacy.” He continued, “If I could couch in one single sentence the way I felt, watching this controlled steam-roller operation roll into high gear, I would put it this way, I would say that I now believe I know how it felt to be a Jew in Hitler’s Germany.”

America, We Have Huge Problems

Yet another reminder today that we have some very serious underlying problems here in America. The level of violence that exists in America on a daily basis should be a wake up call.

Is stricter gun control laws the answer? Not by itself (but, it very likely would help!). The underlying issues also must be addressed. Massive economic inequality, government abuse of power, classism, racism, sexism, ineffective education… everything is interconnected.