The High Price of Free

Rachael Andrew at A List Apart on The High Price of Free:

The ability to give time, energy and professional skills free of charge is a privilege. It is a privilege that not everyone has to begin with, but that we can also lose as our responsibilities increase or as we start to lose the youthful ability to pull all-nighters. Perhaps we begin to realize how much that free work is taking us away from our families, friends, and hobbies; away from work that might improve our situation and enable us to save for the future.

How to Turn off Live Streaming Notifications in Facebook

Facebook recently introduced live streaming support. And notifications every time someone you follow “is live”.Here is how to turn it off from the Facebook web site (I haven’t yet found a way to turn it off from the Facebook iOS app).

  1. Click on Notifications icon (the globe) in the header.
  2. Find a live notification.
  3. Click the Turn Off icon (the little X) that appears when you hover over the notification.
  4. Click the Turn Off button.

Turn off Live Notifications


Switch iOS 9 Keyboard Back to All Caps

I tried the new keyboard in iOS 9. I thought I would like the key labels changing case based on the state of the shift key. But, it is incredibly distracting and drives me crazy.The shift key in iOS is now styled such that it is very clear when it is enabled. So, there is no reason for the key labels to change case dynamically.

Fortunately, you can turn this new behavior off!

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Keyboard.

Via Daring Fireball

Camera Restricta

I love the idea behind this “camera”:

Conceived by German designer Philipp Schmitt, the “camera” is made from a 3D-printed shell that encloses a smartphone. An app uses GPS to track your location and calculate how many online photos have been geotagged within a 115-foot radius. If too many photos have already been taken there, Camera Restricta refuses to function. It only allows you to start photographing again once you’ve moved to a less-documented area.

Mental Floss: This Camera Refuses to Take Pictures of Over-Photographed Locations