I don’t have any free time

I don’t have any free time. How does anybody? After work and family obligations, there is no time or energy left for anything else.

What a pathetic lie I tell myself. I certainly find time to browse Facebook/Twitter/etc. multiple times a day. But what great enjoyment do I get out of that? Not much. Nothing as satisfying as spending time learning something, creating something, or enveloping myself in a great book.

But yet I continue to take the path that usually only leads to more boredom and lack of fulfillment. I need to make some small changes to my everyday routine to try and break out of this.


Eleven-year-old Marley Dias sounds like just the sort of person we need more of in this world. She wants to read books with main characters she relates to, and wants to give others the same opportunity. Should we always read/watch stuff featuring those similar to us… of course not. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more of an opportunity to do so. Especially when the bulk of mainstream media is so overwhelmingly middle-class white.

Jezebel: 11-Year-Old ‘Sick of Reading About White Boys and Dogs’ Launches #1000BlackGirlBooks

The High Price of Free

Rachael Andrew at A List Apart on The High Price of Free:

The ability to give time, energy and professional skills free of charge is a privilege. It is a privilege that not everyone has to begin with, but that we can also lose as our responsibilities increase or as we start to lose the youthful ability to pull all-nighters. Perhaps we begin to realize how much that free work is taking us away from our families, friends, and hobbies; away from work that might improve our situation and enable us to save for the future.

How to Turn off Live Streaming Notifications in Facebook

Facebook recently introduced live streaming support. And notifications every time someone you follow “is live”.Here is how to turn it off from the Facebook web site (I haven’t yet found a way to turn it off from the Facebook iOS app).

  1. Click on Notifications icon (the globe) in the header.
  2. Find a live notification.
  3. Click the Turn Off icon (the little X) that appears when you hover over the notification.
  4. Click the Turn Off button.

Turn off Live Notifications


The people you love aren’t interruptions

Jason Zimdars has a great article on why he works remotely (at Basecamp). He sums it up nicely:

The people you love aren’t interruptions, they’re the reason you work at all. Give ’em a hug.

I couldn’t agree more. Though there are numerous awesome benefits to working at Automattic, the most rewarding one by far is that I get to spend more time with my wife and daughter, sharing in more of the little everyday things that happen in their lives. And they get a me that isn’t burnt out after spending eight hours in a cubicle.