Camera Restricta

I love the idea behind this “camera”:

Conceived by German designer Philipp Schmitt, the “camera” is made from a 3D-printed shell that encloses a smartphone. An app uses GPS to track your location and calculate how many online photos have been geotagged within a 115-foot radius. If too many photos have already been taken there, Camera Restricta refuses to function. It only allows you to start photographing again once you’ve moved to a less-documented area.

Mental Floss: This Camera Refuses to Take Pictures of Over-Photographed Locations

Hawaii, October 2013

Almost a year and a half ago, we went on a trip to Hawaii with my parents. It was both my daughter’s first visit to Hawaii, as well as my parents’. We spent a week on Maui, two days on the Island of Hawaii (the Big Island), and one week on O’ahu (at Aulani). Hawaii is such a fantastic place – I look at these photos and can’t believe they are real. But, it really does look just like that! Hopefully we will be fortunate to return there someday for another vacation.