Taylor Swift Covers Vance Joy’s “Riptide”

I only recently became a fan of Taylor Swift, so some of her past performances are still “new” to me…

Her cover of Vance Joy’s song “Riptide” is an incredible stripped-down take on an already excellent song. You can tell just how much she loves this song by watching her perform it in this video.

Vance’s original version of “Riptide” can be found here:

Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Video

This video had been hyped a lot, so I was prepared to be disappointed. But, once again Taylor Swift has delivered an excellent, extremely fun music video!

I suspected that the video might feature a remixed version of the song once I heard Kendrick Lamar was associated with the video — glad to see that I was right! I think the remix version with the added verses by Kendrick elevates the song a bit more, giving it a slightly harder feel, which is perfect!